Spring Summer 23

Introducing a collection inspired by Bauhaus — an art movement known for its use of geometric shapes and experimentation with color. Bauhaus introduced the idea of a "gesamtkunstwerk": bringing all forms of creative expression together and unifying the principles of mass production with individual artistic vision.

The movement introduced a modern yet timeless aesthetic combined with everyday function. This idea of bringing people, design, fashion, architecture and performance together to create a community of like-minded people, we consider to be a core principle within our brand philosophy.

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Autumn Winter 22

Incorporating the soul of craft into our Autumn/Winter 22 collection, we would like to acknowledge the imperfection of humankind through the prism of our contemporary silhouettes. Inspired by various artisanal techniques, our pieces aim to emphasize the physicality of our AW22 collection.

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Spring Summer 2022

Hypnotic motifs, organic shapes and geometric patterns: Arte Antwerp visualizes its own utopian style codes for Spring/Summer 2022. From modern art to optical art, the graphic heavy collection draws inspiration from numerous art movements, putting organic forms in contrast with more rigid and futuristic design references.

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Autumn Winter 2021

This season, we dive into the history of an extraordinary art movement of the late 19th century: Art Nouveau. Often referred to as the DNA of modern life, the art movement was deeply rooted and fueled by societal changes. Channeling the expressive and ornamental legacy of the art form, we took these elegant inspirations and translated them into a contemporary collection.



A collection of fresh relaxed cuts, balancing between everyday essentials and an effortless vibe. Featuring bold flower prints and reworking the typical heart design into a clover, the collection speaks to the Springtime ahead.


Autumn Winter 2020

Introducing the first part of the Autumn/Winter 2020 collection. The collection offers a strong set of easy to combine pieces developed in a color scheme of bright cobalt blue and different neutral shades. Signature basics, fleeces and tracksuits are available alongside a sherpa jacket in bold blue. Exploring its graphic nature furthermore, the collection guides you into a new season with new guidelines.


Spring Summer 2020

We continue exploring graphic and timeless forms for Spring/Summer 2020, introducing a lighthearted variation of one of its oldest heart-shaped designs.The collection delivers a variety of utilitarian inspired silhouettes ideal for warm weather layering.

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Autumn Winter 2019

Experimenting with graphic and organic forms , Arte Antwerp unveils its AW19 collection in collaboration with young rapper SLIMKA from Geneva, Switzerland. This season offers knitwear t-shirts and polos, all over print pants, sweaters, hoodies and other autumn essentials.

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Spring Summer 2019

The Antwerp based brand Arte Antwerp gets inspired by its hometown harbour and transports itself to another global city harbour on the other side of the world: Dakar. 

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Autumn Winter 2018

For our AW18 collection we drew inspiration from industrial packaging. The prints and color pattern were inspired by the Swiss pharmaceutical and chemical company Geigy. The collection has a variety of labour influenced clothes including bodywarmers, work jackets and plaid co-ords.

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